Watch out for Lukasz!

Posted January 31, 2007 by habichler
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Watch out for Lukasz Gadowski and Katharina! Both got me on the spot at the DLD  last week (which was actually a great event with many top media, entertainment and Web 2.0 people there) with their “running camera” for a brief interview on their gründerszene blog. Lukasz and Katharina are running a series of interviews these days. So be prepared when you see him. You could be the next! Right on the spot! ;-))


StudiVZ sold for €100M

Posted January 3, 2007 by habichler
Categories: Venture Capital, Web 2.0

According to Spiegel Online, StudiVZ was sold to Holtzbrink Group for about €100M. After OpenBC/Xing’s IPO last month, this is another amazing exit of a Web 2.0 company here in Germany!

Takeaway: Despite all the past issues around the founding team of StudiVZ etc., the community has grown nicely over the last few months, reaching over 1 Mio registered users before in December. The acquisition by Holtzbrinck confirms, that Web 2.0 companies made in Germany do offer great investment opportunities. There is money to be made with Web 2.0! What a great start for 2007!

Recommendations: Time is ripe for the next successful Web 2.0 company/exit made in Germany! Any bets who this will be?

Happy Holiday Season!

Posted December 22, 2006 by habichler
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As the year approaches its well deserved finishing line, I would like to wish all people who have been reading my blog or have given me suggestions and feedback along the last year a very happy holiday season and all the best for the upcoming year!

2006 was exciting for the VC and start-up business! I am extremly positive that this trend will continue into 2007!

I look forward to working with you all!

Best wishes


Cellulosic Ethanol taking off in USA

Posted December 20, 2006 by habichler
Categories: Cleantech, Cool Companies, VC backed Companies

Cellulosic ethanol, the production of ethanol from a number of biomass products i.e. paper sludge, wood chips, switch grass and corn stover, is taking off in the US! Often referred to as the “holy grail” in biomass-to-ethanol, this new approach would allow to use various input sources, not just expensive corn or crops.

One of our Cleantech portfolio companies, Mascoma, operates in this exciting new market. The company (I have written about this new Atlas investment in the past) recently got a contract for $15m from the New York State to build and operate a demonstration facility. Thumbs up on this amazing achievement!

Takeaway: I am confident that European start-ups, entrepreneurs as well as venture capitalists will also embrace the huge opportunity around cellulosic ethanol!

Recommendation: If you are interested in the biomass market in general, you should definitely check out the Biomass Europe in Berlin 2007.

Update on Isilon IPO!

Posted December 20, 2006 by habichler
Categories: Exit, Software, VC backed Companies, Venture Capital

Update on my previous article on our portfolio company Isilon:

The Seattle-based company debuted on NASDAQ on Friday, December 15, 2006 under the symbol “ISLN” and opened at $25, up 92% from its IPO price of $13. It’ll be the third biggest opening day gainer of the year and will have market cap far above $1.4Bn! Atlas Venture V was a founding investor in Isilon in May 2001.

What an amazing year end! Congrats to the whole team involved!

Isilon IPO on Nasdaq!

Posted December 15, 2006 by habichler
Categories: Exit, Software, Venture Capital

Lilliputian Systems and MicroOptical get recognised as WEF Tech Pioneers 2007

Posted December 14, 2006 by habichler
Categories: Cleantech, Cool Companies, Digital Media, VC backed Companies, Venture Capital

Congratulations to two of our portfolio companies, who were nominated recently for the World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer Award 2007:

Lilliputian Systems, one of our Cleantech investments, developing micro-fuel cells for portable devices, Interview with Ken Lazarus, and

MicroOptical, providing a new “viewing” experience for digital content, Interview with Kip Kokinakis – No wonder, Paris Hilton love this product!

Congrats and well deserved to both companies!