Welcome to my Blog!

I am happy to announce the launch of my personal blog.

With this blog, I would like to adress the following four aspects:

1. Share my thoughts on interesting developments, projets and ideas in areas such as Web 2.0, digital and interactive media, new technologies and other revolutionary things.

2. Share my ideas, feedbacks and thoughts on emerging business models in the US, in Europe and in particular here in Germany.

3. Highlight new start-ups, new ideas and exciting entrepreneurs, and their likelihood for success.

4. Build a bridge between these exciting new concepts on the one hand and the sometimes “mystical” world of venture capital on the other hand.

I look forward to an interesting discussion with you and thanks in advance for your feedback, comments and suggestions.

 Yours Juergen Habichler

PS: Legal Disclaimer: This is a private weblog of Juergen Habichler. All the thoughts on this site are mine. Atlas Venture and its affiliated funds and personnel are not affiliated with this blog in any way.

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2 Comments on “Welcome to my Blog!”

  1. Tim Says:


  2. My name is Kendall i am working on a thesis as a home study about blogging. I hope you don’t mind me mailing a few words right here as my tutor needs to see it. Your blog is really good by the way.

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