DLD 2006 Recap

The Digital Lifestyle Days 2006 – organized by Hubert Burda Media – has become the highlight of the digital media scene in Germany within two years! Organized for the 2nd time after a sucessful 2005 event, DLD 06 has attracted over 600 participants from Germany, Europe, Israel, the US and other parts of the world.

High calibers such as Georg Kofler, Thomas Middelhoff, or serial entrepreneurs like Martin Varsavsky, to Google-star Marissa Meyer, all have contributed to a vibrant discussion on the Web 2.0, digital lifestyle and future trends.

Promising German start-ups such as Places.com or elitepartners have been complemented by cool consumer focused companies from hot-Isreal such as Talkings Headz or Superna.

All in all, this event has become the melting pot of good ideas, initiatives and projects..

Takeaway: DLD is a must event in 2007!

Recommendation: Although Web 2.0 seems to be overhyped at the moment, a few serial and seasoned entrepreneurs will be able to suplement a cool idea or technology with a realistic and scalable real business model. Watch 2006, it will be an exciting year to come!

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