Mobile Entertainment Kick-Off Event – Recap

Yesterday was the kick-off event for the mobile entertainment 2006 initiative. The first part focused on mobile entertainment services such as mobile TV or mobile gaming, highlighting some early success stories from i.e. Hutchison 3G Austria.

The second part of the evening was dedicated to the VC perspective, where various venture capitalists shared their thoughts and insights with the 100+ guests. Mark Gazecki, Partner at Atlas Venture, discussed an interesting analogy between Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0. Whereas Web 2.0 is already happening with many new ideas and concepts currently underway and explored, he believes that Mobile 2.0 is still to happen, which is good news for both venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. He believes that the penetration with Mobile 2.0 applications and services very much depends on the availability of and penetration with 3G, which will allow users to easily and conveniently access mobile content and applications beyond ring-tones, wall-papers and downloadable games.

From a company perspective, Martin Dietz, CEO of Coding Technologies, highlighted the ups-and-downs of his 9 year old company and his experience with the venture capital community, when the venture community was not very actively investing between 2002 and 2003. He clearly had a lot of “laughs” on his side with his very humerous presentation.

Many thanks to Go-Fresh and and M-Squad for sponsoring and organizing this great networking event!

Takeway: A good event and networking platform for mobile entertainment entrepreneurs. I concur with one of the speakers, that Mobile 2.0 is still to happen given the low penetration of 3G handsets. I strongly believe that the mobile handset will win popularity and market share compared to the highly dominante PC/laptop people currently use for shopping, surfing the internet etc. 3G as well as new (GPS enabled) handsets will make a huge difference going forward, similar to the Web 2.0 revolution, which was partly triggered by the rapid increase in broadband penetration.

Recommendation: We all have learned in 1999/2000 on what did work and mostly on what did not work in terms of mobile and wireless ventures. The evolution in mobile/wireless is rapidly evolving and will provide interesting play-grounds for entrepreneurs, new concepts, ideas and venture backed companies. Watch carefully areas such as MMMGs, navigation, location based services just to name a few.



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