Gaming Start-Up X-aitment GmbH has raised a EUR3 million first round

According to VentureWire Europe, “Looking to bring to market its artificial intelligence software used in the development of computer games, X-aitment GmbH has raised a EUR3 million first round. The round was led by Triangle Venture Capital Group, with participation from regional venture capital firm Saarlandische Wagnisfinanzierungsgesellschaft mbH.”

“X-aitment is creating a software system to help develop computer games without the need for manual coding, so that the computer game is less expensive to produce and can reach the market quicker, according to Fricke, Managing Director at Triangle Venture”  


Takeaway: The entertainment / gaming sector is clearly one of the most promising sectors right now. MMOGs are booming, MMMGs are becoming more pervasive, pupils are spending more time playing games than watching TV. The latter trend now gets not only the advertising industry going on topics such as in-game advertising etc.  

Recommendations:  Overall many positive trends, which should further spark the ideas of entrepreneurs and should get venture investors excited about the up-side potential. Now it’s the right time to think about the next big thing!


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