New start-ups receive funding

Two Germany based start-ups have recently announced funding. Actionality, a provider of in-game advertising and marketing solutions for the mobile market announced the closure of a seed financing round.

Scott Cullinane, Actionality’s Chief Executive, said in a press release: “Actionality provides mobile game publishers, media agencies and consumer brands across Europe and Asia with the cost-effective solutions required to brand and advertise within mobile games. Our technologies automate what has traditionally been a very costly and labour-intensive content customisation process for our customers, and our ‘mobile commercial’ format provides advertisers with a consistent, familiar and feature-rich medium with which they can entertain and interact with their target audience.”  

 Wazap, an operator of a game search portal with operations in Germany and Japan, is targeting the fast growing gaming population. The portal allows users to search for information and resources about PC, console and online games.
Takeaways: Both sectors, gaming and mobile have created high expectations for future growth. Gaming is clearly gaining momentum, underpinned by recent announcements of venture backed companies such as IGA Partners, which allow media agencies and brands to place advertising into PC/MMOG/console games. Now this in-game advertising concept is taken a step further and is expended into the mobile gaming community. Soon we will see single solutions in both, the online and mobile world. As far as mobile is concerned, the revolution we have seen around Web 2.0 still needs to take place in the mobile, but first signs of the Mobile 2.0 trend are already visible…underpinned by these recent venture-backed start-ups.

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One Comment on “New start-ups receive funding”

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