Google And Skype Join forces with Serial Entrepreneur to form FON Web Start-Up

What another bolt move by serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky. After establishing several leading start-ups such as or Jazztel, he has now started his next “big thing” FON.  As he has demonstrated recently at the DLD conference here in Munich, he is a great visionary! And getting top tier investors and supporters on board deserves a lot or respect.

Takeaway: I am curious to see how Martin is going to execute on this. First, there is already a large community of free Wi-Fi spots in public places, which users can use free of charge. Secondly, I wonder how FON will convince the ISPs – especially the major ones such as T-Online etc. – to cooperate with FON. Their user agreements usually do not allow their users to open up their internet connections to other parties.

Recommendation: VoIP is still a hot topic and I am confident that we will see many various business models and variations going forward of this revolutionary technology.

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2 Comments on “Google And Skype Join forces with Serial Entrepreneur to form FON Web Start-Up”

  1. Michael Puetz Says:

    I thought something like this would happen …. but not that quickly 🙂 and i thought the first partner of plazes would be a (social or business) network.

    I discovered the posts some minutes ago … fresh weekend news – the web 2.0 never sleeps 🙂

    “FON and Plazes collaborate” and


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