First Munich Webmonday a great success

Yesterday, the first Webmonday took place here in Munich, which was a great success. About 30+ people attended an event well organized and moderated by Sigi Hirsch. Hendrik Mans outlined the differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 and which tools he recommends people to use for Web 2.0 applications. Sasch Hameister gave a detailed overview on Ajax and its capabilities.

Another great presentation (“User participation in Web 2.0 – who is here the boss?”) was delivered by Michael Pütz, who drew from his experience back at, which he established in the early hay-days of the internet. I very much liked the way he encourages people to get up and do something around Web 2.0. I concur with him, that now it’s a unique opportunity, as people can start ideas and their first Web 2.0 gigg without requiring a lot of money or resources to begin with.

Last but not least, the series of excellent presentations was concluded by Alex Wunschel, one of the “fathers” of the podcasting world here in Germany. He delivered some great insights into the demographics, desires and wishes of Germany podcasters. Unfortunately, he reveiled that Germany still seems to be a “developing” country in terms of podcasting popularity and use.

Takeaway: Thanks to Sigi for setting this up, to all presenters for allowing us some insights into Web 2.0 and to all participants who are interested in this exciting topic. It is encouraging to see so many people interested in this topic and it almost feels like being back in the hay-days of the internet. I concur with one of the presenters, that people should dare to realize their dreams around Web 2.0, no matter if it’s a unique idea or a copy cat of an existing approach. The user community will show you, how right you are!

Recommendations: If you are serious about Web 2.0, try to make it to one of these Webmondays. They are informative, they are fun, they are a great way to share knowledge and to learn from others.



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