Online Searches Grow 55 Percent Year-Over-Year

As highlighted in one of my previous articles, online search is becoming a key element of people’s every day life and business. Nielsen Netratings just reveiled the lastest stelling numbers on consumer behaviour as far as search is concerned.

“The total number of searches in the U.S. conducted across approximately 60 search engines grew 55 percent year-over-year to nearly 5.1 billion searches in December 2005. There were 3.3 billion searches conducted via search engines in December 2004.

While the number of searches conducted online swelled, the number of people connecting to the Internet rose a mere three percent to 207 million people in the U.S.

The double-digit increase in online search activity marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Internet consumer behavior,” said Ken Cassar, senior director of analytics, Nielsen//NetRatings. “Online search is the primary tool most people rely on to do everyday research.”

Takeaway: Although these numbers are primarily US centric, relevant and interesting trend for Europe can be derived. I do believe that search is only seeing the tip of the ice-berg at the moment and that the real revolution is just to begin in this exciting field. Services and solutions in areas such as picture, audio or video search, search for or within games, or “Local Search 2.0” are just starting to pop up.

Recommendation: I believe that Germany / Europe has the potential to innovate in this field. We have a lot of smart people here, who have a strong back-ground and many ideas around analysing and organizing any kind and type of knowledge. There are several promising search related start-ups out there, which might have the potential to become a category leader in a specific field of search.

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