Neomedia snaps up 12Snap – Munich based start-up

NeoMedia has purchased the mobile phone marketing agency 12Snap established in 1999 for about $22M. According to various sources, more money has flown into this venture than was delivered back to the investors.

Takeaway: Mobile marketing is a booming market. Still early stage, many companies have struggled over the last 5 years to develop a value proposition for their clients. Only recently, consumers, agencies and brands are picking up on mobile marketing and some start-ups are growing successfully. The future looks bright but still might take some time to come…

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2 Comments on “Neomedia snaps up 12Snap – Munich based start-up”

  1. Ole Says:

    Invested more than they got out of it in the end… I predicted that in late 2000 and everyone would laugh at me. See who’s smiling now.

  2. German Expert Says:

    Oh man! And where are the 40 million dollars of risk investors’ money that 12snap soaked up in the last years? I imagine it was no good deal for them.

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