Digital Identity 2.0

I recently got pinged from a consultant in the US, who knew pretty well everything about me. When I asked him, how did he know all this, he told me: “Look at ZoomInfo! They know you in-side-out!”.

ZoomInfo, the premier summarization search engine, delivers fresh, comprehensive information on over 27 million business professionals and two million companies across virtually every industry.  How do we do it?  Well, at the risk of being boastful, we have incredible technology that this guy and this guy and this guy invented.  ZoomInfo finds, understands and extracts information from millions of online sources such as Web sites, press releases, electronic news services and SEC filings and summarizes the information into a comprehensive format.  Basically, ZoomInfo creates structure out of the chaos of the Web.”

Takeaways: Scary at first sight, this application is another approach of the dozens of Digital Identity Plays 2.0 out there. What started with 1.0 social networking tools such as LinkedIn or OpenBC is now moving into another stage. Where in 1.0, you had to put all your stuff into these sites yourself, Digital Identity 2.0 plays are now doing most of the stuff for you. I am only waiting for the 3.0 plays, which not only fill in the information for me, but which also discover my existing real-world relationships with people,…, no even better, which automatically discover people for me which I might like or who share similar thoughts, ideas and interests like I do, put me in touch with them or even set up meetings and calls for me…

Recommendations: Cracy but exciting things out there…..Digital Identity 2.0 is there already!

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One Comment on “Digital Identity 2.0”

  1. Michael Puetz Says:

    ZoomInfo is a great tool i discovered some month ago. Actually some russians told me about it. Unfortunately it did not work for my name (i might not be famous enough 🙂 for that) but it also does not work very well for some European business people i checked.
    Therefore openBC seems to be the better (but manual) and not that comprehensive tool at the moment.
    I did a couple of more tests and it worked really good in some cases – well some facts where wrong or mixed but this is also due to the fact that you do not ever tell the 100% truth to the press or they did ignore or mix it.

    Comprehensive search engines like Google are great but i think there is a big opportunity and a lot of space in the long-tail for specialised search engines like ZoomInfo, Technorati and co.

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