Jajah moves HQ to Silicon Valley

An interesting Austrian start-up called Jajah has been making a lot of traction and “noise” in the VoIP market. Some people are calling it already Skype 2.0 as the company positions itself “JAJAH introduces global VoIP telephony between normal landline and mobile phones – without software download, installation process and headsets.” and a potential successor to the acquired and no-longer independent Skype.

Rumors over the last few months have indicated a recent financing by a top tier silicon valley VC (Sequioa). Now the recent announcement on their web-site to move headquarters to the US and establish European HQ in Luxemburg (Skype model!) is a clear indication for funding by a top-tier West-coast VC. If so, well done guys!

Takeaway: Jajah and its couragous management is a great example for a European / Austrian company in the emerging VoIP space. Like Skype, Jajah might join the ranks of successful European start-ups in this space.

Recommendations: Watch out for more start-ups in this space. VoIP is hot and innovation – this time – (also) comes from Europe!

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