One new blog every minute!

Amazing! According to Technorati every second somewhere a new blog goes online!

“The Pew Internet study estimates that about 11%, or about 50 million, of Internet users are regular blog readers. According to Technorati data, there are about 70,000 new blogs a day. Bloggers — people who write weblogs — update their weblogs regularly; there are about 700,000 posts daily, or about 29,100 blog updates an hour.”

Takeaway: I wonder, why we here in Germany aren’t a large blogging country yet! What do our kids do? Why are France or Spain the blogging countries No1 in Europe?

Recommendations: There are so many things you can do with blogs. It’s a totally new way of communications, of bonding people to each other, of creating communities, but – again – Germany seems to see another trend pass….How can we give this a boost?

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4 Comments on “One new blog every minute!”

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