Meeting Ms. Web 2.0 Blogging Lady Valerie Thompson

At PrivateDC I finally had a chance to connect with Valerie Thompson, No. 1 blogging lady on European Technology start-ups through her blogs Swiss Ventures and The alarm:clock euro.

Takeaway: It is great to see that there are many motivated and talented people out there, who believe in the emerging opportunities around Web 2.0 and the role blogs can play in forming a public opinion. It’s still only the tip of the ice-berg in terms of chances and opportunities around these fascinating topics. Luckily there are people out there, who loudly think about those “dreams” and get other people going!


Recommendation: Take your time and read the alarm:clock euro and you will get a feeling of what’s happening out there in the brave, new world 2.0.

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2 Comments on “Meeting Ms. Web 2.0 Blogging Lady Valerie Thompson”

  1. Thanks for the positive feedback on the content at the alarm:clock euro. It is the new sister site to the much older alarm:clock. The editors are all journalists and we try to cover technology startups, including but not limited to Web 2.0 ventures. You’ll find news and analysis of the business models and we also try to show how startup fit in to the technology landscape. There will be some articles this week on what we learned at the investors conference where Juerg and I met.

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