PrivateDC – Premium Business Angel Platform

The Private Deal Conference organised by Brains-to-Venture has become the platform for seed investing in Germany. Celebrating its 5th anniversary, PrivateDC “aims to become the world’s leading platform for entrepreneurial investors solely dedicated to private investment activities in high-growth companies.”

Over 120 business angels, private investors and leading VCs came together to discuss early stage investing, exciting start-ups and promising business concepts. In addition, I had a chance to connect with Marc Samwer, Lars Hinrichs, Klaus Hommels and other leading figures of the seed and early stage investment scene.

Takeaway: Seed-Investing is alive! And PrivateDC is a great platform to bring start-ups, experienced managers, wealthy individuals and “hungry” VCs together. Besides good panel discussions and interesting start-ups, the networking effect of this event is unparalleled. Thanks to Jan, Florian, Christian, Sven and all other B-to-Vs for making this a great event!

Recommendation: PrivateDC is a must attend event for everybody who is serious about investing in seed stage deals. If more private investors would join such platforms, the rate of successful and innovative start-ups in Europe would sky-rocket! 

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2 Comments on “PrivateDC – Premium Business Angel Platform”

  1. Sven Eppert Says:

    Jurgen, Thanks for the praising words about privateDC. It was great having you and 120 other private investors around last Friday in Zurich making our first global investor’s conference such a success. Looking forward to deepen our discussions on privateDN.

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