Ether went live – opportunity for new e-commerce model

If you haven’t seen Ether yet, please have a look. I believe it’s an interesting core-service in order to grow another new e-commerce offering for services. “Earn money on what you say” is Ether’s slogan. Ether is aiming to get a 15% flat fee of the charges. This apparently covers their payment, billing and processing costs.untitled.jpgTakeaway: It all sounds very simple: Get a phone number, name your price and the clock starts ticking for you! Ok, in principle I get it, but show me the money! Show me users, who trust this service yet? It might take some time before users appreciate these kind of services and have trust in them. Once this trust level has been surpassed, Ether could become an interesting enabler for people’s business ideas.

Recommendation: I like these kind of enabling technologies and platforms. eBay was a very good example, when it targeted the powersellers with its offering. Now, a sheer 15.000 powersellers earn their living on eBay here in Germany alone. Any other enabling technologies out there in the blogging space, podcasting space or other Web 2.0 spaces?

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