Search and Online Advertising – Big market ahead

Search and Advertising are becoming more and more important. Nielsen/ Netratings recently posted that “Online search conducted across approximately 60 search engines in the

U.S. rose 39 percent year-over-year in January 2006 from four billion searches to nearly 5.7 billion, the highest number of online searches to date. Nielsen/NetRatings reported last month that online search in December 2005 rose 55 percent from a year ago to nearly 5.1 billion searches, corresponding to the aggressive growth in search marketing revenue during the same period.” 

Takeaway: Advertising is getting bigger and bigger after a few years of “unfulfilled promises”. The expectations of the late 90s did not at all materialize, but now the offerings around search and online advertising are becoming main stream. I am sure there is more to come and many start-up opportunities are out there to capitalize on this trend. 

Recommendations: If anybody is interested in this topic, there is a great event taking place next week here in

Munich, Search Engine Strategies 2006

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