Weblogging becoming mainstream?

The latest numbers on Weblogs, which were recently posted in the Technorati Weblog by Dave Sifry, show an amazing trend in the bloggosphere. What has started as a niche market is more and more developing into a mass market phenomena.


Takeaway: Blogging seems to become main-stream. Of course, the number of pure weblogs is going to grow further, but more importantly in my opinion is the growth outside of the classical blogging community. Many sites such as Yelp or Qype are now using a non-obvious, subtle approach to "blogging", which allows every non-hard-core blogger to get a first hand experience on commenting on other people's opinion, thoughts and ideas. I believe this is the right approach to get blogging into the mainstream market!

Recommendations: Every new trend is revealing challenges but is also opening up opportunities for smart entrepreneurs and start-ups. As Dave has pointed out correctly in his article, spam, splogs and spings are major potential threats to a young but fascinating trend such as weblogging. I am sure, we will see many more promising ideas and exciting start-ups appearing around this theme.

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