Congratulations to the RedHerring 2006 Winners – Germany coming in only at 4th place!

Congratulations to the winners of the RedHerring 2006 contest. Some remarkable winners worth mentioning from Germany are (in no particular order): Actionality, OpenBC and Spreadshirt. A positive surprise from a German side is clearly PV Crystalox Solar, examplifying Germany's competitive edge in the cleantech space. Other European companies who made it on the list this year and which have earned high respect and acclamations at the show (just to name a few): Sulake/Habbo Hotel, Cognima, Netvibes (well done Tariq!) or FON (Big plans ahead of you Martin!).

Takeaway: UK is the clear winner this year with 28 selected companies. France and Israel are both runners-up with 17 selected companies. Then, finally (!) Germany is sharing place number 4 ex aquo with Switzerland (Thanks Valerie for putting them up already). Although this list is a good indication on where technology oriented companies are based, it probably doesn't give enough credit to the great start-ups we have here in Germany….

Recommendation: Hey Germany! We can do better than that next year!

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One Comment on “Congratulations to the RedHerring 2006 Winners – Germany coming in only at 4th place!”

  1. juergen habichler Says:

    Correction: Germany might have scored 7 winners not 6 as previously stated. Jürgen

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