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Local advertising – next generation!

July 24, 2006

Local advertising has been around for quite some time now, especially around internet and Web 2.0. The success of this model still seems to take more time than expected, as local SMEs are still hesitent to consider local internet advertising. This “delay” in internet local ad uptake has been anticipate by a few interesting start-ups, which are trying to uncover the next (or the) big thing for local advertising and SMBs

Start-ups such as spotrunner Spot Runner(advertising / video for local cable operators), MerchantCircle (directory assistance) or Jingle Networks (also directory assistance) are doing some cool things with local advertisers.

Takeways: I wonder if this is a trend we will be seeing here in Europe as well. At the moment, the US start-ups seem to have a quick-start over their European peers.

Recommendation: I am sure Google wouldn’t mind acquiring one of these trendy start-ups, which leverage new technology and new trends around SMB / local advertising.