OpenBC to go public on Frankfurt Stock-Exchange

OpenBC, one of the top Web 2.0 companies in Germany, has revealed plans to go Public in 2007. Below are a few facts:
– From 1.7.2005 to 30.6.2006, almost €6M revenues have been achieved.

– Per September 2006, 1.45 Mio members have registered at OpenBC

– About 13% of these members are paying members.

– The company plans to offer additional services in 2007 and plans to expand to the USA.

There are a lot of speculations in the air about timing (as soon as within the next few weeks), possible valuation (some estimate €200M) or exit proceeds.

Congratulations to Lars for building up such an amazing Web 2.0 company here in Germany and good luck for the closely watched IPO!

Congratulations also to BrainsToVenture for seeding OpenBC / XING, when few people have even heard the word “social networking”.

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