Miasole – Next Generation Photovoltaic Company!

As mentioned previously, cleantech is on the rise! I am happy to announce that Atlas Venture recently completed an investment in a company called Miasolé, an investment I was personally involved with closely.

Miasole is a next-generation photovoltaic company focusing on CIGS based thin-film solar cells and modules and Atlas joins fellow venture capitalist firms such as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and VantagePoint.

The market for photovoltaics has been booming lately, mostly driven by the feed-in tariffs in various countries such as Germany, Spain or the USA . For example in Germany you can get 46 cents (and more) per kWh of solar energy that you provide through a PV system i.e. on your roof top. This has triggered the emergence of solar as an industry especially here in
Germany , followed by stunning IPOs last year by i.e. Conergy or Q-Cells and making

Germany THE biggest PV market of the world currently!

However, the boom in solar coupled with the boom in LCD-panels has resulted in a shortage of solar-grade silicon, as the main substance for silicon-based solar cells. Consequently, the prices for a PV module are still somewhere between $4 to $6 per Watt, which is still very high and could not be afforded commercially without feed-in tariffs. Therefore, alternative technologies such as i.e. Thin-film based approaches have emerged and received growing attention in the last few years as they can provide solutions for $1 per Watt and potentially even less.

Companies such as Miasole are at the forefront of this next generation solar approach by using advanced process technologies and alternative compounds such as CIGS.

Takeaway: Watch out for more Cleantech Investment Activities here at Atlas Venture or other firms. It’s just the beginning of a very exciting era!

Recommendation: Personally, I believe, what the internet was in the 90’s and Digital Media / UGC / Web 2.0 is now, renewable energy could become in 2010 and beyond.

PS: Miasole is hiring! Let me know, if you want to be part of this exciting journey!

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5 Comments on “Miasole – Next Generation Photovoltaic Company!”

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  2. joe paladin Says:

    A representative of Miasole responded to my query about when the product will ship, and I am confident it will be available no latter than November of 2007, which would be great. Finally, grid parity solar power. I think the will beat Nanosolar to market.

  3. Mel Says:

    I have two friends who are looking to get into the solar field…one will be done with her engineering PhD with concentration in solar technology in Germany and the other has a master in science and technology from University of Texas…do you know if Miasole is still hiring? It would be awesome if you would take interest in helping them.

  4. Mel Says:

    If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it if you email me. Thanks!

  5. LC Says:

    How do you say “bad investment” in German?

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