Video copyright – A recent Update!

Two recent cases in the online video market, “EMI shuns YouTube for Gotuit“, and “Universal Music sues MySpace“, highlight the fact, that online video copyright is still a huge, unsolved issue out there to be tackled.

Gotuit, an Atlas Venture portfolio company, has succeeded to sign up EMI. Although three other major labels have licensed their music-video catalogs to YouTube in exchange for a slice of the ad revenues, EMI said in an article “that it still had concerns about YouTube’s ability to combat illicit uploads of copyrighted music videos“.

In another case, Universal Music sues MySpace for infringing on the copyrights of its artists. “The world’s largest record company followed through on that threat today, filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against MySpace and its parent company, News Corp. The suit claims that MySpace allows its users to upload videos illegally and encourages that infringement by re-formatting the videos to be played back or sent to others.”

Takeaway: Copyright, and due to the recent video portal hype – video copyright, is still a huge issue out there. A solution, which might entail better licensing deals, further legislation as well as technological innovation in order to not infringe right holders, does not seem to be in place any time soon.

Otherwise Google would not have reserved $500M according to SpiegelOnline against possible copyright lawsuits against its video services. Less than 1/3 it paid for YouTube recently….

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