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Watch out for Lukasz!

January 31, 2007

Watch out for Lukasz Gadowski and Katharina! Both got me on the spot at the DLD  last week (which was actually a great event with many top media, entertainment and Web 2.0 people there) with their “running camera” for a brief interview on their gründerszene blog. Lukasz and Katharina are running a series of interviews these days. So be prepared when you see him. You could be the next! Right on the spot! ;-))


StudiVZ sold for €100M

January 3, 2007

According to Spiegel Online, StudiVZ was sold to Holtzbrink Group for about €100M. After OpenBC/Xing’s IPO last month, this is another amazing exit of a Web 2.0 company here in Germany!

Takeaway: Despite all the past issues around the founding team of StudiVZ etc., the community has grown nicely over the last few months, reaching over 1 Mio registered users before in December. The acquisition by Holtzbrinck confirms, that Web 2.0 companies made in Germany do offer great investment opportunities. There is money to be made with Web 2.0! What a great start for 2007!

Recommendations: Time is ripe for the next successful Web 2.0 company/exit made in Germany! Any bets who this will be?