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Oracle becoming No1 acquirer in OpenSource Space

February 16, 2006

After having acquired InnoDB in 2005, Oracle is shopping for the next opensource companies in order to boost their software products. Last week, Business Week and others reported that Oracle is watching out for three open source plays, namely JBoss, Zend and Sleepycat. This week, Oracle announced already the acquisition of Sleepycat.

Oracle’s Ellison stated at a recent conference: “We are moving aggressively into open source. We are embracing it. We are not going to fight this trend. We think if we’re clever, we can make it work to our advantage.”

Takeaway: The shopping tour of Oracle is a clear endorsement, that the space is hot and that traditional ISV need to be proactive in embracing the advantages of the open-source community. The recent OSBC show in San Francisco has highlighted that an early trend is becoming main-stream and that open-source is covering not only edge computing or horizontal applications but steadily moving into vertical apps and mission critical products and services.  

Recommendations: Acquisitions like this will fuel the activities in this sector. What was formerly a “geeky” sector is now becoming reality. Much more to come in the future! 



OpenSource meets Business Conference

January 27, 2006

I just came back from a very interesting event called “OpenSource meets Business Conference“. Nürnberg, the German OpenSource centre of gravity was the scene of a well attended – 400 people – conference organized by Richard Seibt and the Heise Publishing group.

Top speakers such as Alexander Pinchev (RedHat, “Virtualization will be at hot OSS topic”), Dirk Hohndel (Intel, “All of us need to focus more on solutions. That’s what comapanies are asking for.”, “People will talk more about OpenSource than Linux in the future”), Simon Phipps (Sun, “OpenSolaris will change the future”) and many practical demonstrations and presentations from well known companies such as HVB, Deutsche Bank, Audi, or Deutscher Bundertag have contributed to a lively discussion on the status-quo and the future of OpenSource.

Congratulations Richard on this great event and we look forward a successor event in 2007!

Takeaway: OpenSource is gaining momentum. No longer do people ask on how to pronounce “LINUX” but on how Linux or OpenSource can help them become more successful, more agile and flexible on how they can save money!


    • For Businesses: Make sure you have an OpenSource Strategy!
    • For Entrepreneurs: Guys, wake up! It’s just the beginning of a long, exciting journey! There are many opportunities out there on how to capitalize on OpenSource! The inroad of OpenSource into the edge computing world was just the beginning. Now comes the real stuff! Verticalization! Packaged Solutions! Hybrid environment support! Virtualization! And many more viable business propositions. Why not team up with the former SuseLinux team and start the next German success story? They know how it works!
    • For Venture Capitalists: Don’t by shy! Go out there and talk to the many talents available here in Germany within the OpenSource community. They need you! Let’s develope some technology “Made in Germany”!


Welcome to my Blog!

January 10, 2006

I am happy to announce the launch of my personal blog.

With this blog, I would like to adress the following four aspects:

1. Share my thoughts on interesting developments, projets and ideas in areas such as Web 2.0, digital and interactive media, new technologies and other revolutionary things.

2. Share my ideas, feedbacks and thoughts on emerging business models in the US, in Europe and in particular here in Germany.

3. Highlight new start-ups, new ideas and exciting entrepreneurs, and their likelihood for success.

4. Build a bridge between these exciting new concepts on the one hand and the sometimes “mystical” world of venture capital on the other hand.

I look forward to an interesting discussion with you and thanks in advance for your feedback, comments and suggestions.

 Yours Juergen Habichler

PS: Legal Disclaimer: This is a private weblog of Juergen Habichler. All the thoughts on this site are mine. Atlas Venture and its affiliated funds and personnel are not affiliated with this blog in any way.